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Appraisal Services


Knowing the value of real property is essential to making sound decisions no matter what your interest may be. We offer proven experience in providing appraisals for purposes of buying or selling real estate, lending or borrowing money, estate planning or settlement, and insurance and tax issues.

Litigation Support

The value of real property is often a central issue in litigation, and we offer specialized training and expertise in support of plaintiffs, defendants, and their attorneys. From the preparation of written appraisal reports to pre-trial conferences and depositions to expert witness testimony at trial, we have the experience to assist in the most sophisticated cases.

Market Analysis

Not all assignments require value conclusions, and sometimes a client's needs do not require a full appraisal. We can offer market research in support of your analysis, feasibility testing, due diligence investigations, and other specialized services designed to assist in decision making.


Need professional advice in the areas of leasing, project design, cash flow projections, or land acquisition? Our extensive experience in the local market gives us access to resources, data, and other professionals who can be critical to helping you make wise decisions that maximize your property value.